How Would Your Students Define ‘Science’?

25 February 2011

At a presentation during a national conference, a student’s classroom comment was cited which defined science as ‘A field of study based on memorisation of boring facts that have little relevance to my life’… It is scary to think of the number of students
who have had the same opinion of science as a result of the science education that they have had to endure over the years!

An important consideration in making science relevant to the lives of students is the provision of student-centred inquiry-based learning experiences, within relevant contexts which support students in their active construction of meaning. This is where we come in... Our role at Bio-Tek Services is to assist you in bringing contemporary biology learning experiences to your students in order to help them understand how science is a way of knowing, not just a body of boring facts to be learned that have no relevance to their lives!

At Bio-Tek Services, we concentrate our efforts on Biotechnology and Microbiology education, with products to inspire young scientists of the future.

We are the sole Australian agents for EDVOTEK,  the American Biotechnology Education Company, which gives our customers access to a vast range of equipment, experiment kits and consumables.

VirtMac VirtMac

We are also the sole Australian agents for VIRTMac Cell Biology Manipulatives - ‘If You Build It They Will Learn’

In addition, we have our own range of biotechnology and microbiology kits and consumables. We look forward to being of service!