NuSep Precast Gels

4 March 2011



Control and Flexibility. That is what is offered by this exciting relationship. It is now possible to purchase individual NuSep PreCast Gels through Bio-Tek Services! This gives YOU greater control and flexibility when it comes to scheduling your protein separations.

NuSep (ASX: NSP) is a publicly listed Australian life sciences company that sells products into the global BioSeparations market.  With a 30 year heritage in biological separations, NuSep has forged a world class reputation for its innovative yet simple biological separation techniques. 

Precast Gels
NuSep manufactures and sells precast gels including the innovative nUView Gels, which can be visualised in under 2 minutes using a 250- 320 nm UV transilluminator, such as is available from Bio-Tek Services.

NuSep has incorporated nUView into their Tris-Glycine gels which allows you to quickly visualise your proteins without exposure to potentially toxic and costly stains or compromising on sensitivity. The beauty of nUView is that as well as being able to visualise your proteins within 2 minutes of completing a run, this visualisation does not change or interfere with any other downstream process. Using nUView you can photograph your gel post the gel run to create a permanent record. After this visualisation you can blot, probe or stain in the full knowledge of your samples location and concentration.

NuSep’s patented gel products undergo rigorous quality control to ensure superior performance and reproducibility in a variety of electrophoresis systems. 

Great for practical classes!

Nu-Sep precast gels offer some unique features that make them particularly suited to practical classes.

  • Ability to visualise protein bands in under 2 minutes under UV
  • Short run times: with run times as little as 30 minutes you can easily prepare samples and run gels in under 60 minutes.
  • Easy for students to use 
    • Solid well dividers so gel will not be damaged when loading samples
    • "Plug and Play": just take the gel out of the pouch and load it into the electrophoresis apparatus
    • No special tools required
    • Numbered wells
  • Exceptional resolution
  • 18 month shelf life so you do not have to worry about wasting gels.

To order NuSep Precast Gels:

For boxes of 10 gels or for smaller gel quantities (1-9), contact Bio-Tek Services (07) 5602 8002 to discuss your needs so that we can recommend the most appropriate solution.