Bio-Tek Services- The Australian Biotechnology Education Company bringing you Tomorrow's BioScience Education Today, is a wholly Australian owned company. We specialise in the provision of affordable, high quality equipment, experiments and consumables that enable educators to bring contemporary Bioscience learning experiences to their students.

Our mission is to provide:

  • a ‘one-stop shop' for quality Biotechnology and Microbiology Education products at affordable prices
  • Professional Development opportunities and Workshops specialising in Biotechnology and Microbiology Education for both educators and technical support staff to ensure a seamless transition to contemporary science
  • ongoing Technical Support Services and access to staff and consultants who have extensive experience in biotechnology research, microbiology techniques and science education, for confidence and peace of mind
  • assistance with curriculum development and integration of Biotechnology and Microbiology learning experiences
  • Biotechnology and Microbiology Education resources for our customers

 Our ABN is 27 112 691 504