The EDGE™ Integrated Electrophoresis System revolutionizes biotechnology by seamlessly combining an electrophoresis chamber, power supply and blue light into a single easy-to-use apparatus. The EDGE™ safely runs a full-sized gel in less than 10 minutes with crisp band resolution while being viewed in real-time. It's designed to run all EDVOTEK® electrophoresis experiments and is generally compatible with other experiments too. Bring the EDGE™ to your laboratory for the ultimate in convenience, performance and results.


• <10 Minute Gel Runs for Fast, Real-Time Results
• Integrated Electrophoresis Chamber, Power Supply & Blue Light
• Cast Full-Sized Gels in Unit for Speed & Simplicity
• Built-in Fan & Ventilated Design Prevent Condensation
• Compatible with SYBR® Safe, GelGreen® & Blue Light-Reactive Dyes
• Includes (2) 8/10 Tooth Combs
• Automatic Safety Switch for Classroom Use
• Sleek, High Quality Design
• Universal Voltage for Worldwide Use
• 3 Year Warranty