Identification/Characterization of Simulated Infectious Bacteria

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Price: $198 + GST
Model Number: 160

For 8 Groups.

Time Required- Complete in 90 minutes

Gram staining is a quick, effective, and medically relevant identification test that has beome one of the most essential tools in bacterial classification. In this experiment, students will use this staining technique to examine the size, shape, arrangement, and gram status (+/-) of Escherichia coliBacillus subtilis, and Micrococcus luteus.All components are stable at room temperature.


  • Instructions, BactoBeads™, bottle of ReadyPour™ Luria Broth Agar, large petri plates, 10 mL sterile pipet, inoculating loops, toothpicks, transfer pipets, microscope slides, Gram's Crystal Violet, Gram's Iodine, Gram's Safranin, sterile water, microcentrifuge tubes


  • Microscopes, microscope cover slips and oil (if required), microwave, pipet pump, incubator (recommended), timers, slide holders or clothespins, bunsen burner or alcohol lamp, lab marker, beakers, small staining tray, squeeze bottles (recommended), paper towels or blotting paper, 95% ethanol, distilled water, gloves