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5 March 2011

Autism Linked To Maternal Grandmother's Age

A new study into autism has found that maternal grandmothers were nearly twice as likely to have an autistic grandchild if they were over 30 when they had the child's mother, and three times as likely if they were over 35. This may point to factors operating at the time when the mother was in the womb, which may influence her developing ovaries and thus the genomes of her future children.

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Feature Articles

4 March 2011

While you may recognise that the laboratory ‘hands-on’ aspects of Biotechnology are engaging for students, where do you go for more information and support? This was the purpose of the Australian biotechnology education newsletter Biotech Babble, originally published by Steve Garrett during 2006 and 2007.

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How Would Your Students Define ‘Science’?

25 February 2011

At a presentation during a national conference, a student’s classroom comment was cited which defined science as ‘A field of study based on memorisation of boring facts that have little relevance to my life’… It is scary to think of the number of students
who have had the same opinion of science as a result of the science education that they have had to endure over the years!

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The Ascendency of the Biological Sciences

27 January 2011

These are exciting times in which to be teaching biology! However, the very nature of science has undergone drastic changes in recent times, demanding a new perspective on science education in schools. There is a necessity and desire for substantial reforms of science education to reflect the changing nature of science as well as the changing notion of what is desirable science education (enter the National Curriculum).

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