Anthrax- Biology of Bacterial Sporulation

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For 10 Groups.

Plating 20 min. (and overnight).

Identification 20 minutes.

When Bacillus anthracis is placed under stress, such as temperature extremes or nutrient deprivation, it undergoes a process known as sporulation. Unlike vegetative bacteria, spores are resilient, physically dormant bodies that are resistant to harsh conditions and can survive for centuries. When the spores encounter favorable conditions, they germinate and rapidly multiply. These properties make B. anthracis an ideal biological weapon. In this experiment, students grow a related, but harmless laboratory non-pathogenic bacterium in the Bacillus family. They investigate conditions that allow the bacterium to sporulate and germinate. This experiment does NOT contain Anthrax.

Experiment Includes:

  • Background information with complete instructions
  • Bacterial spores
  • Bacterial culture media and reagents
  • Microbiological staining dyes
  • Sterile loops for plating bacteria
  • Petri plates
  • Transfer pipettes
  • Microscope slides with cover-slips


  • Microscope with 400x magnification (oil immersion optional)
  • Automatic micropipettes with tips