Analysis of the Alcohol Gene

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Price: $179 + GST
Model Number: 216

For 6 Groups

Electrophoresis 55 minutes.

Staining 15 minutes.

In this experiment students will identify a simulated ADH polymorphic gene sequence by digestion of plasmids containing the polymorphic genes. Students will digest the plasmids with a restriction enzyme. When the digested samples are analyzed on an agarose gel, students will identify polymorphic genes.

Kit includes:

  • Instructions
  • DNA samples
  • DNA size ladder
  • Eco RI restriction enzyme
  • Restriction enzyme reaction buffer & dilution buffers
  • Agarose
  • Electrophoresis buffer
  • Instastain® Ethidium Bromide gel stain


  • Electrophoresis apparatus
  • Power supply
  • Automatic micropipette
  • Waterbath
  • UV transilluminator