Variable Micropipets

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Price: $185 + GST
Model Number: Various

EDVOTEK® Variable Micropipets are sturdily designed with volumes ranging from 0.1 to 5000 μl. They deliver precise and reproducible sample delivery with ease, and utilize standard disposable micropipet tips. All units feature a volume display that is adjusted simply by twisting the top. The light weight chassis and automatic tip ejector makes operation fast and effortless. A service wrench and accompanying instructions are included for self-calibration. All

EDVOTEK® micropipets are backed by a lifetime warranty and technical support.

Please specify size when ordering:


  • 0.1- 2.5 µl MicroPipet. Cat. #589-2
  • 0.5- 10 µl MicroPipet. Cat. #589
  • 2- 20 µl MicroPipet. Cat. #589-1
  • 5- 50 µl MicroPipet. Cat. #590
  • 10- 100 µl MicroPipet. Cat. #591
  • 20- 200 µl MicroPipet. Cat. #591-1
  • 100- 1000 µl MicroPipet. Cat. #592-1
  • 1000- 5000 µl MicroPipet. Cat. #593-1