TruBlu™ 2 Transilluminator (27 x 15 cm)

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Price: $698 + GST
Model Number: 557

The successor to the popular TruBlu™ has been improved with an enlarged viewing surface and a novel white light mode. Blue light enables visualization of SYBR® Safe (green) or RedEVu (red) stained DNA gels and white light enhances visualization of dye bands, blue stained DNA or protein gels. The TruBlu™ 2 has enough surface area to simultaneously view up to eight 7 x 7 cm gels and combines the functions of two units into one!

• Dual Blue/White Light Modes
• Large Viewing Surface: 27 x 15 cm
• Orange Contrast Lid
• Safe - Non-UV Wavelength
• Built-in Fan Minimizes Condensation