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Model Number: AGA

Agarose can vary widely in its characteristics as it is derived from natural sources. Bio-Tek Agarose is a premium biotechnology grade agarose which is extremely pure, and comprised of ultra-fine particles- yielding significantly lower background staining, uncompromised resolution, and is DNase/RNase free. It is also a low EEO (electroendosmosis) agarose, which further ensures optimal band resolution. It is an excellent all-purpose agarose suitable for routine nucleic acid and protein analytical and preparative applications, blotting techniques and general manipulations.

AGA 005- Agarose 5 g @ $15 +GST

AGA010- Agarose 10 g @ $30 +GST

AGA020- Agarose 20 g @ $50 +GST

AGA050- Agarose 50 g @ $100 +GST

AGA100- Agarose 100 g @ $175 +GST

AGA500- Agarose 500 g @ $600 +GST

Download the pdf for Directions for Use.